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Book Reviews

My book reviews are more in the nature of book reports, mostly reporting on a book's contents. I can only go to the effort to review books that I have enjoyed reading, so criticisms are few. For many years these were broadcast over WUFT-FM public radio at the University of Florida.


New Books

Listed here are the titles that I consider most consequential of the many books published during this season. These are books that I would like to read, had I infinite time. The titles are predominantly from university presses and important books from trade publishers. Pretend you are in a good book store browsing its recent arrivals. Hit Books: Recent. To continue, scroll down to Previous Entry, bottom left. To get a general view of the season, see my essay 250 Selections, Fall 2013-2014.


Local Interest

These are books of local interest by our many Gainesville writers or books by authors who have recently visited the University of Florida or Santa Fe College. I welcome help here. Please email the titles of suggested books by local authors, including your own.


It Has Come to My Attention

Each season I go through publishers’ catalogs collecting what I believe to be the 250 or so most promising titles, most of which I would like to read. I write reviews of 30 to 40 books a year. Sadly, that leaves most of the world of good books unnoticed on my blog. So ��It Has Come to My Attention’ is a catch-all of what I have missed, including nominations for and prize-winning non-fiction. There are many literary prizes for non-fiction these days. Here are a few to which I pay close attention: the Booker Prize, the National Book Award, the Pulitzer Prize, the PEN Award, the National Book Critics Award, Andrew Carnegie Medals, and the National Jewish Book Awards.



From time to time, I post essays, mostly relating to the book industry. Here I am indebted to Publishers Weekly for their remarkably candid coverage of both publishing and bookselling.

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